The Construction Process

We construct all of our metal buildings from I-beam and C-purlin metal, which is the building materials found in only the highest quality metal buildings. First, we start by leveling the area where the building is to be located with a total of 4 loads of cushion sand (additional sand if needed to be paid by the customer). Next crews will install the concrete forms and dig trenches under where the slab will be placed for the stability of the concrete.

Additionally, during the pour of the concrete, the crew will install metal anchor plates on the surface of the slab to which the I-beam will be welded too. After the concrete has properly cured (dried 3-5 days) the metal building erection process will begin, which typically lasts 3-5 days (weather permitting).

Typically the entire process from start to finish should take approximately 2 weeks.

Dont sacrifice quality

Please note that we do not sacrifice quality in order to construct inferior buildings built out of square tubing.