Concrete and Construction Services


A solid foundation is paramount to any strong building. More often than not the concrete required for your new building isn’t already in place. Not to worry though, TR Metal Buildings can handle that too. We provide extensive concrete services for any project. Whether you need an extension to your driveway, a sidewalk from your patio, or just the slab required for the building we can handle it all.


As Texans we all know how much weather can affect the activities we do. Another often overlooked and forgotten items is insulation. We strive to make sure the work we do provides year-round enjoyment and utility. For that very reason, we offer insulation services on all of our building projects so that the heat of summer and the chill of winter won’t keep you from enjoying your metal building. We can do spray in foam or insulation panels. Whatever the project calls for we can advise on the best options to weatherproof your building.