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The TR Metal Building Team
Left to right: Jason Campbell, Dawson Thompson, Garrett Thompson, Justin Thompson, Mark Roudon, Adam Porter.

We are a family-owned and operated company that believes your word and a handshake still mean something. With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and hundreds of steel buildings created, we know the importance of providing quality workmanship, keeping our clients well informed, and delivering unsurpassed service. The vast majority of our new clients come to us through recommendations from our past/current clients, which is not something we take for granted. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations by delivering on what we committed to and being 100% accountable for the success of every project. We are the crew doing the work on every project.

No project is too big or too small, and we don’t sacrifice the quality of materials or workmanship based on the size of what we are building. Whether you need a small shed or a 100+ unit storage facility or anything in between, you get the same high-quality craftsmanship TR Metal Buildings is known for. We offer free, no-obligation estimates.

So if you are considering a steel building or construction project, give us a call or shoot us an email, we’d love to be your partner in bringing your dream to reality!

Latest work


• 3/12 pitch
• Charcoal Walls, Black Trim/Black roof
• 40x20 gable extension
• x2 12x14 black overhead doors
• x2 3070 walk doors
• Gutters
• electrical package

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• 3/12 pitch
• light stone walls/brown trim/brown roof
• 10x10 overhead door with opener
• x4 3x3 windows
• Gutters
• 8x30 mezzanine with custom handrails and staircase
• electrical package

#welding #fabrication #metalbuilding... #barndo


•3/12 pitch
• Red walls, white trim, white roof
• 4 3x3 windows
• 18x10 overhead door with jack shaft opener
• 10x30 mezzanine with attic door
• Custom electrical package

#welding #fabrication #metalbuildings #barndo


• 3/12 pitch
• Ash Gray Walls/Roof and Charcoal Trim
• x3 12x12 overhead doors
• x3 3x3 windows
• x2 3070 walk doors

#welding #fabrication #metalbuildings

20x20x8 addition for previous customer

•3/12 pitch
• Tan walls,trim,and roof
• 8x8 overhead door

#welding #fabrication #metalbuilding


•3/12 pitch
• burnished slate walls, black roof, black trim
• 12x12 overhead door
• 15x30 sidewall tie in porch
• 3070 walk door
• electrical service

#welding #fabrication #metalbuilding


•3/12 pitch
• black walls/roof, burnished slate trim
• 20x35 sidewall tie in porch with concrete
• 12x14, 16x12, 10x8 black insulated overhead doors
• 3070 wall door with glass and 3070 walk door without glass
• x6 3x3 windows
• Gutters ...

#welding #fabrication #metalbuildings #barndo


•3/12 pitch
• Rustic Walls/ Burnished Slate roof and trim
• 11x55 attached office
• x4 exterior 3070 doors
• x2 12x12 roll up doors with openers
• x5 4x6 slider windows
• x2 2x6 fixed windows
• 18 inch wrap around soffit
... gutters
• x1 window unit
• interior separation wall
• electrical package
• office framing,door install, electrical rough in

#welding #fabrication #barndo #metalbuildings


• 3/12 pitch
•White walls/ black trim
• 20x40 Gable Extension
• x5 3x3 Windows
• 3070 man door
• x2 12x12 overhead doors
• x1 10x8 full glass sectional high lift door
• 20x40 mezzanine featuring a custom staircase and full handrail

Decatur Barndominium Shop

• 30x40x12
• 6/12 pitch
• White walls, black trim, galvanized roof
• x2 12x10 overhead doors
• x3 exterior doors
• x4 4x4 windows
• 10x40 lean to porch
• 10x40 gable tie in porch
• 18inch wrap around soffit ...
• Custom Gable Truss

#welding #fabrication #metalbuildings #barndo

Decatur Barndominium Shell

• 30x30x10
• 6/12 pitch
• white walls, black trim, galvanized roof
• 10x30 lean to back porch
• 10x30 gable tie in front porch
• Custom front truss
• 18 inch wrap around soffit overhang
• 2 exterior wood doors ...
• 2 exterior slider doors
• x7 3x5 windows
• x1 4x4 window

#welding #fabrication #metalbuildings #barndo #barndominium


•3/12 pitch
• light stone walls/roof
• Ash Grey Trim
• X2 3x3 windows
• 10x40 side wall tie in porch
• 10x10 overhead door
• electrical package

#welding #fabrication #metalbuilding


• Lightstone walls/roof, red trim
• 3/12 pitch
• 20x30 gable extension
• Three 3x3 windows
• One 3070 man door
• 10x12 overhead door
• Electrical Package

#welding #fabrication #metalbuilding #barndo

Justin Barndominium Shell

•7/12 roof pitch
•14x70 porch
•18 inch wrap around soffit
•Concealed Fastener roof
•10 3x3 windows
•16x14 slider door with concealed fastener awning
•14x14 slider door with concealed fastener awning ...
•10x10 slider door
• two custom dormers with 3x3 windows and concealed fastener roofs

#welding #fabrication #texas #metalbuilding #barndominiums

30x50x12 Bowie House Shell

• 3/12 pitch
• charcoal roof/walls/trim
• 30x15 gable tie in porch
• 3 exterior doors
• x14 3x5 windows
• x2 2x4 windows
• x2 3x3 windows
• wrap around 18 inch soffit

#welding #fabrication ...#barndominiums #metalbuildings

Moss Lake Barndominium

• 40x72x16
• charcoal walls/black trim
• two 12x14 overhead doors
• three exterior doors
• six 3x5 windows
• three 3x6 windows
• two 3x3 windows
•custom window awnings
•custom spiral stair case
...14x13ft balcony with handrail
• gutters
• electrical package

#welding #fabrication #barndo #barndominium #metalhouse


•3/12 pitch
• burnished slate wainscot
• desert walls
• burnished slate roof and trim
• side wall tie in porch 15x40 (14ft to 12ft)
• Vinyl Insulation
• one 3070 man door
• two 3x3 windows
• 12x14 overhead door
• 12x10 ...overhead door
• 8x7 overhead door
• Gutters

#welding #fabrication #metalbuildings #barndo #texas


•3/12 pitch
•Ash gray/ white color combo
• 30x15x14 attached room
• 42x14 hydraulic hangar door
• 12x12 roll up
• 18x12 glass sectional
• 25x30 side wall tie in porch
• x2 3x3 windows
•x7 3x5 windows
• three 3070 ...walk doors
• vinyl insulation
• electrical package
• soffit under porch
• interior wall paneling

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