Our Buildings vs The Competition

We Only use Structural Beam

A metal building is only as good as the workmanship and material used to construct it. Whether you are planning to use your building as storage, a garage, or a living/workspace, the contents inside deserve the strength and safety quality materials provide.

We construct and weld all of our buildings on site and we use the highest quality materials. Every building TR Metal Buildings constructs are made out of structural wide-flange beam not an inferior square tubing structure like the “competition”.  Make sure you only build with the Best!

Be sure you get what you pay for and have it built with Structural Beam.

Structural Beam
the competition that uses square tubing

We NEVER use square tubing

There are a lot of companies out there offering to build your metal building, but many just want to take your money and bolt together a cheap inferior product that won’t withstand the test of time, environment, and weather. This is what happens when you have a building “constructed” out of square tubing. It always breaks under pressure. You will notice that this truss is no match for Texas weather.